Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Husband

So I'm going back to having a weekend husband. There's a lot of trucking work to be done in the Mines in Morenci, AZ (that's about 60 miles further east of Safford - for those of you not familiar with AZ), and Randall is being put on a truck there. This is good, because the pay is "supposed" to be much better. I say that with "s because the numbers don't always work out the way "they" tell you. So we decided to work out an interim situation. Rather than moving us all to Safford right away, Randall is renting a house in Sunrise Village (the trailer park that we lived in before) to see just how well it actually works out. If the numbers do work out the way that we've been led to believe, then we will consider moving. In the meantime, Randall will be living in Safford during the week and come home on the weekends. We don't know his exact schedule yet, but it's looking like he'll be driving nights with Sun and Mon off. (Although that's not definite till his boss gets back from vacation on Monday...) As you can tell, there's a lot about this that's up in the air, and that's a little scary for both of us. And of course, that's why we aren't moving the family yet. We did that the last time we moved to Safford, and it didn't work out so well - not that it's Safford's fault of course!:) We just want to have our feet a little wet before we jump in the deep end. So for now, it's the "wait and see" game we're getting so good at playing, and I have a weekend husband again.:(

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How cute this is!

So I just read about this one on Mela's Blog (thanks, Mela!). Emory won't have enough hair for at least a little while yet, but I had to post something about it for those of you with daughters or nieces or whatever - that do.

Check it out! They are the cutest hairstyles I've ever seen - especially the Lattice Ponytails. It makes me want Emory to have long hair soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

It starts...

So I was just playing with Dallin and Emory in their bedroom. Emory's getting good at sitting up and "floor swimming" (on her tummy with all fours in the air). Saturday, she finally got up on all fours. And today - she has pretty much mastered it. Next it'll be walking, then running, then asking for the car keys and going on dates. Ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves or anything! Tee Hee!

Visit with Naani

She went back home last Tuesday, but I'm finally posting about it now....

My grandmother, Betty Allen, flew out from Connecticut to see us for about two weeks. What a great time we had! Dallin enjoyed getting to spend time with two Naanis. (Naani, by the way is the Hindi word for Mother of the Mother. So to Dallin she is Naani Jii.)

Hyla and Nathan came down from Utah for the occasion, as did my mother's cousin, Bruce Converse, and his family - from Scottsdale, not Utah :). Of course there was time with Laurie and Matt and their kids as well.

Four Generations of Women!

We love Naani - I only hope that I can be doing as well as she when I'm 83!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow! My first real post!!!

So I think I finally have things situated enough to feel good about posting - and here I am! Now, what do I write?!

It'll be nice to have somewhere I can write those cute things about the kids, share in the excitement of my day (only a little sarcasm there... honest!), vent about annoying things, and all the great stuff I love reading on other blogs.

And on that note, the baby's awake again - I got a whole 15 minutes to myself this afternoon! Yeah!