Sunday, August 23, 2009

Way to go, Parky!

My Uncle Parky (Orville Baird) is my dad's brother from his mother's first marriage. Her first husband died of heart failure when Parky was quite young. While he was out fishing one day he met a nice man named Herman and invited him home for dinner. Herman became my grandfather. Parky was about 10 when my dad was born. Dad remembers him as always being a "real AZ cowboy." A neat guy - an incredible artist, and a heck of a banjo player to boot. Sadly, with the real "cowboy" roughness came the smoking and drinking. When he'd finish one, he'd start another, and back again. This was his way of life until a year or so ago. Uncle Parky quit smoking - after 55+ years! And then last year, he quit drinking too. So imagine our delight when last Friday...

He recieved his endowments and he and his wife were sealed in the Snowflake Temple!

Don't ever give up on someone!! Dad knew that he always had a testimony. We always hoped and prayed - loving him just as he was all the while. Don't ever let someone tell you, "it's too late for me - you can't teach an old dog..." blah blah!! Uncle Parky will be 72 (!) on Sept 10th. I can assure you, if he can do it - anyone can!!

Parky in '05:

Parky last Friday (next to Dad) with his wife, Sue, Uncle Myron and a Solomon cousin - with his wife:) - on the right

Just for fun - here's a video of Dad and Parky playing Tennessee Waltz in Oct '05 (some wind noise is in the background...)