Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Week left...

That's right, Kids... Amy's off on Vacation in ONE WEEK! I'll be off to the Virgin Islands to visit with friends - and I'm leaving Randall and the kids behind. I make that sound like I couldn't care less, don't I - far from it! I'm actually rather nervous about leaving... but the tickets are bought, and non-refundable! So I am really excited about it. I'm looking forward to not having someone hanging on me, or screaming, "MOMMY!!!" every few minutes. And I know that I'll come back to a mess, but I'll be glad to have gone, and happy to be clung to again when I'm back. And I'll have had a trip of a lifetime. Beautiful Beaches, gorgeous views, fun with the girls, a relaxing weekend, here I come!

Side note to LOST fans: It occurred to me, only AFTER we bought the tickets that we are sitting in row 23! (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42...) "It's just a show, It's just a show, it's just a show..."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why buy toys?!

These are so much cheaper!

She did finally manage to sit inside the bowl:


Tuesday morning we woke to the rare and lovely sight of snow-covered Globe. It happens here every so often. Globe school District was smart (or something) enough to cancel school for the day. (Miami and San Carlos were not - Miami attendance was down by half, and San Carlos sent the students home after an hour.) Emory had been up most of the night before with a NASTY cold - but we took her outside enough to look around at it and wonder what all that white stuff was. Dallin only played in it for about 5 minutes, and then decided that it was too cold for him and came inside. We spent the rest of the day playing board games and watching cartoons. Yay for a day off! These pics are from about noon, when it started to melt. As usual for us - it was pretty much all gone by the end of the day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things about Amy

So I too, spent way too much time coming up with these for my Facebook page, and thought I should post them here as well...

1. My middle name is actually Elizabeth, after my grandmother, Betty Allen. I legally dropped it when I got married.
2. I actually like living in Globe, AZ.
3. I'm somewhat obsessive over the show LOST - my dad comes over and we watch it together every Wednesday. And yes, I do have theories.
4. I'm learning to enjoy doing laundry - something satisfying about putting away clean clothes where they belong.
5. I'm a procrastinator. BIG TIME!
6. I don't think I'm a very creative person - at least on my own.
7. I wish I was a creative person!
8. I love my husband and kids, but I'm really looking forward to my OWN PERSONAL VACATION WITH THE GIRLS!!! (FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!)
9. I really enjoy cooking - it seems to be one thing I do rather well.
10. I love watching Friends reruns.
11. I hate it when people are intolerant and disprespectful of other people's beliefs. Getting up in arms about anything means that you can't listen rationally to the other side. I think that we can disagree and still be kind about it.
12. I'm somewhat easily annoyed, but very seldom do I actually get angry.
13. I married my high school sweetheart.
14. I'm a Democrat. *GASP*
15. I have conservative values. *GASP*
16. I love to play card games - Phase 10 Baby!
17. I watch too much TV - but I am aware of my problem, and awareness is the first step to change...:)
18. I don't get out much - can you tell?
19. I love stingrays. I got to feed them at Sea World on our last vacation - they are really beautiful creatures!
20. I'm actually a rather private person.
21. I'm terrified of spiders and emus.
22. I'm not very good at corresponding with my friends... but most of you already know that by now...:)
23. I used to want to be in movies - Now I know that I'd be one of the rehab celebrities. I couldn't handle the pressure! I like my boring life, thanks.
24. I don't really like candy. Of course, I don't really consider Chocolate to be candy - it's a whole seperate category!
25. I'm ignoring the cries of my baby to finish this, so I guess I'm a bad mom? LOL

To the Kids who grew up in AZ

So I found this over on Marisa's blog -

Anyone remember these guys!

The Wallace and Ladmo Show!

I used to make sure I could watch them at 7:00 before we had to go out and catch the school bus.
Check them out on YouTube! Ah... the memories!