Saturday, July 11, 2009


So it was time to change the background again. I was tired of hearing from Randall and Dallin that they didn't like that our blog was pink. It still has flowers, but at I like them and I'm the one doing this blog, so there!:) Actually, I like that this one is a little easier on the eyes as well...:)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Fun (ha ha)

So this year, I thought that summer would be a bit quieter than last since Randall wasn't going to be living part time in Safford, and we could stay here all summer long. That's what I get for thinking it out loud! It's been just as busy, and a little more so because of going down to Mesa with my dad every day. (For those of you reading this who are out of the know, Dad has prostate cancer and is having daily radiation treatments in Mesa. The prognosis is very good with the radiation, so it's more about the inconvenience of having to make the nearly two hour trip every day right now. We'll keep you posted on that account as well...) I haven't been taking him as often yet, but I hadn't realized how much I relied on my mom during summer months for being able to have time to do things like go to Curves to work out (especially with our new NO EXCEPTIONS no kid policy... grrr...), run to show an apartment, etc. Randall has also been having lots of truck issues - more on that in a different post soon - and I've had to help him with running to Phoenix to take it to the shops there, blah blah blah. Combine that with swimming lessons for both kids, and not much is working out like I thought. So needless to say, I haven't worked out properly for 6 weeks, the house is in an embarassing state, and we haven't had a home cooked meal more than twice a week since summer started! AWFUL! Is this how our mothers felt about summer when we were little?