Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vacation Report: Day Three - Church & Sightseeing

Day Three started with getting ready for Church - almost as crazy as getting children ready for church is deciding how to coordinate four women sharing one bathroom. But we were ready in plenty of time, and attended a nice service. It was fast Sunday and many beautiful testimonies were born about Christ and His Church. There were a few interesting notes, however. The electricity went out in the middle of the service (apparently this is a frequent occurence on the island) so we opened the windows. I thought that actually made it a little cooler since the AC had been somewhat on the fritz. However, it did make for a somewhat distracting time. The branch is located on Church Hill, along with several other churches. Part way through Relief Society, a rather loud organ and band started playing. You could hear the preacher (think Black Preacher in long robes with the choir behind him...) shouting, "and Jesus said to them..." and the organ and band got louder. It was kinda fun. Tee Hee

After church and lunch we went for a little downtown sightseeing. We walked up the famous 99 steps of St. Thomas (built in 16 something) and counted 103. We saw Blackbeard's Castle (Pirates of the Caribbean happens in the Carribean... that didn't occur to me until we were there...) and other things. Then Kristin decided to take us out to a nice quiet spot to watch the sunset. We were in flip flops and sandals and the rocks were jagged at an angle. Made for sketchier climbing than we expected, but not too bad, just tricky. There was a lovely view of the ocean and sunset there. After that, home for a lovely home cooked dinner and then we looked at the pics we'd taken, plus several that Kristin had taken with her underwater camera. Very cool. Then bed, and up early again the next day. Stay tuned for a final Vacation Report : Days Three and Four - Pirates, Tents, Coral and Rays