Monday, December 21, 2009

The Annual Christmas Newsletter

So Christmas somehow really snuck up on me this year and caught me off guard – in spite of thinking I was ready, I’m nowhere close.  And now it’s only three days away and I’m fighting a particularly NASTY cold – so I don’t think much more is going to get done.  But having directed everyone to this blog for more news on our family from the past year, I thought it might be best to post the family newsletter here instead!

2009 has been the “Year of Adventure” for our family (how fitting that our favorite movie this year was “UP”).  The year started off with my big trip to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands!! The Little Mermaid A FANTASTIC week reconnecting with old friends without kids or husbands was just what the doctor ordered! 

A week later, we took a nice little family vacation to Phoenix during Spring Break – actually booked a hotel and stayed the night in order to do some of the things that we just don’t have time for in a day trip.  We visited the World Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium out in Avondale (I think – it’s WAAY West Valley…)  which was really fun – and also did a little light shopping and swimming and just relaxed and had a good time.SANY0163

Summer brought two big adventures.  First, Randall decided it was time to upgrade the truck he’d been driving as an owner operator for the prior nine months.  It was a great starter truck, but after factoring in the tremendous amount of maintenance it required, it made more sense to put that money into payments on something newer and more dependable.  Hence our – hopefully – pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!SANY0514

Second was our big trip to finally visit Randall’s Sister Kathy and her family in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  (She’s only been there for like 12 years…)  What a great time we had there – seeing Portland, Eugene, Tillamook, and of course Mt. Hood!  SANY0691 (3) But best of all was getting to spend some time with Kathy and Randy with some visits with Christopher and Heather and getting to meet their significant others, Nicole and Al, as well.  We promise not to let so much time pass before our next visit Kathy!

Dallin started second grade in the fall – and is doing rather well.  He still seems to be a little chatterbox, but is doing much better at getting all of his “seat work” done on time.  He played soccer this fall, and his team did quite well.  They were 6-3 and at the end of the season were awarded the “Sportsmanship Award” for their age division.  Really a fantastic experience for Dallin this season.  I think we may have a sporting gene after all… ha ha!  (This is wearing Naani’s sunglasses at one of his games.)856826-R1-00-1A


October brought Fall Break, and we took our trip with two other Globe Families to the “Holy Land of AZ” – Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  We packed quite a bit into those three days.  For more details on that trip, see below!SANY1004

Finally, Randall and I decided that this year, rather than spending money on Christmas Gifts that the kids will enjoy for a small time, then get set aside and outgrown (i.e. somewhat wasted…) we’d put the money into something fun instead.  Growing up in San Diego, Randall and his family made many visits to Disneyland, but somehow, Randall had never been there during the holiday season!  SO…

New Pictures 095 That’s where we spent our Christmas money instead!  It was an exhausting, fun filled three days.  Somehow hectic and relaxing at the same time!  And (we hope) one of the Christmas presents that will be remembered for years to come.  (I think we’re already on our way to that.  Just yesterday, Dallin said to me, “That was the BEST Christmas present EVER!!”)

We truly hope that this year has been as exciting and full of love as ours has!  We pray that the coming year brings continued blessings and love to us all!

Merry Christmas with love,

Randall, Amy, Dallin, Emory, and Timmy the cat!

Only Two weeks late…

But here it is:

Happy Birthday Emory!!!

It’s so hard to believe my baby is already 2 years old!  Time flies so fast!!PICT2200  This was then…

and this is now!

New Pictures 077

I still say that she’s like the little girl in the old poem – when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad… well… you get the idea!  It’s so fun to see her just exploding with new things every day – she’s at that stage where she says something new and cute every time I turn around.  She loves her big brother, “Dawwa”  and lights up when Daddy comes in the room.  She loves her Naani (my mom) and Papa and Baba (Papa is my dad, Baba is Randall’s).  She’s discovered the word, “NO!” and uses it frequently, but also says I love you with “I you” or “you too.”  Her favorite things are Elmo, Mickey or Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh.  We’re so happy to have our “Buggaboo"!