Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Week of Firsts

In spite of being sick this week, both our kids had some big “first”
milestones.  Emory’s hair has been getting really long, but has so many crazy layers, that it really looked more straggly than anything.  So after a few weeks of debating, Randall took Emory in for her first “real” haircut.  (I didn’t count the little bang trim I gave her last June – it was barely a trim…)  She wouldn’t let me get a real “Before” picture, so here’s one from a few weeks ago:


And here’s my baby now:


We went with the “Suri Cruise” bob.  It was the best way to explain what it was we were looking for.  She loves it – and so do I!

As for Dallin – about two weeks ago, he was complaining about his tooth hurting.  It turned out that it was a little loose, so I figured that it must have something to do with that.  Well, two days later, he yawned at breakfast, and I realized why it must be hurting.  The permanent tooth was coming up behind it.  The dentist said it didn’t need to be pulled, and that it was fine if it came out on its own.  So today at Dallin’s soccer game, just as he ran out to play goalie, he comes running back and says, “Here Mommy…” and hands me… yep – his tooth!!


So the Tooth Fairy is FINALLY going to be making a visit to the Gordon Household!!  Yay!


meghannamarie said...

Emory's Hair is soooooooo cute! OMG both of her pictures are adorable! And leave it to a boy to lose a tooth on the soccer field and hand it to mom, YUCK! I hope the tooth fairy isn't as forgetful there as she is here;)

Mela said...

What beautiful children!